About Us


We are happy to offer our hiking tours to everyone who would like to run away from a crowded city of Prague and join us for a fun journey in to the wild, explore amazing territories, breathe the fresh air and enjoy an easy hike while admiring incredible landscapes. Our mission is to provide travelers with rare opportunity to see unusual territories and learn about flora and fauna of Czech Republic Natural Parks.  Our goal is to  spread environmental awareness and importance of protecting natural live! You are welcome to join us!

What we do

Prague tours are very exciting and the city offers a lot of cultural and architectural attractions, however we know that many travelers visiting Prague, are thirsty to see more unique places in the area outside Prague. These great destinations and attractions are usually unreachable for regular travelers, therefore our goal is to give an option to those, who would like to explore the hidden gems and rest from the city crowds. We organize comfortable transportation with pick and drop with guiding through park areas. Additionally we provide our clients with educational leaflets and maps as well as we give tips of where to eat and recommend other nearby places worth seeing. We will make sure that your experience will be unforgettable.

Our Team

Our Prague Hiking Tours team it is a collective of young and adventurous people, who love nature, traveling and hiking. We are knowledgeable professionals and we have spent lots of time learning about history and paths of Bohemian nature reserves, to guide you safely through protected areas of your choice.

The founders of Prague Hiking Tours share their passion for traveling for over 8 years. Hiking is their favorite activity and they love to spent their free time far from crowded cities, exploring new territories and to enjoy natural beauty of local floras and faunas. Monica and Lukas organized many fun journeys and hiking tours for friends and family and inspired by positive feedback they decided to offer their tours to all enthusiasts willing to discover the hidden paths of Bohemia, the territory so rich in extraordinary landscapes and natural curiosities.