Bohemian Karst Hiking Tour

  • Duration 8 hours

    Driving 45 min (one way)

     Min. 2 persons per booking

  • Available Thursday, Friday

     Departure 10 AM

    Prices from  80€ (2050CZK)

Prague Hiking Tours team, takes you nature reserve of Czech Karst, landscape of spectacular canyons and vertical cliffs, beneath which lurks a fascinating world of caves.

At first we will visit Koněprusy caves discovered in 1950 and made accessible for the public in 1959. The complex of Koněprusy Caves is located inside the Golden Horse (Zlatý kůň) Mountain and its emergence dates back to the end of the Paleozoic and the beginning of the Mesozoic. As of now, about two thousand meters of cave corridors have been discovered in the Koněprusy complex with the height range of about 70 meters.

After we will continue our hiking tour in partly flooded, abandoned limestone quarry near Mořina village. The most spectacular is Velká Amerika (Big America, Czech Grand Canyon), 800 meters long, 200 meters wide and 80 to 100 meters deep with a 18-metre deep lake on the bottom. There are other quarries near-by we will visit, one of those is Malá Amerika (Small America) about 1,3 kilometers to the west. The quarries are connected with each other by long tunnels. The place has several times been used by Czech filmmakers. The place is sought after by professional divers and also popular spot for tourists.

After 45 min ride from Prague, we will stop at Koněprusy Caves where we begin our tour. Later we will take a short ride to marvel over Velká Amerika quarry and two other quarries located nearby.



2050 CZK / 80 EUR

per person

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4100 CZK / 160 EUR

per person

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10250 CZK / 400 EUR

per group of 1 -6 persons

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