Safety policy


Prague Hiking Tours team considers the safety of all persons to be the most important element in our operations. Safety of all participants, is our priority during their adventure with us. It is important to understand the fact that no outdoor activity is ever completely risk-free, but it is our role to minimize and mitigate these risks as much as possible, to ensure that our standard of care is to the highest standard.

As we are responsible for making the right safety decisions for our clients with careful regard to weather, conditions and ability, it is the responsibility of our clients to follow their guides instructions at all times as not doing so could increase the level of risk for all persons involved.

A few of the main factors that we focus on to minimize risk:

Route planning and tour design.
Informing clients on risk levels.
Guide experience and training.
Ensure all persons have safe and suitable equipment.

Safety factors that we follow for each trip:

First Aid carried by guides at all times.
Rescue procedures.
We ensure that all our staff receive sound onsite training in regards to the tours they will be running and are capable of dealing with emergency situations and changeable conditions.


It is neither desirable nor feasible to remove all risk from activities. It is important to understand that participating in outdoor activities involves a degree of personal risk and that Prague Hiking Tours stuff, cannot with complete certainty guarantee your safety. Tours take place in wilderness environments and are thus subject to changing environmental conditions that may, without warning, increase the level of risk.
There is a minimum age for clients on all tours.
All rules and safety guidelines as instructed by my guides prior to, and/or during the tour must be followed at all times.
Being under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs at any time during the tour is strictly prohibited.

Prague Hiking Tours and its guides reserve the right to refuse service to anyone they deem unfit for participation in the activities for which they have enrolled.

Prague Hiking Tours reserves the right to change the tour itinerary and/or chosen route with your safety in mind due to environmental factors, other factors outside human control or any safety issue deemed significant.
Prague Hiking Tours cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage to personal property while participating in activities. To make sure your belongings stay dry we recommend to pack everything in a water and dust proof travel sack. Fragile items such as cameras should be packed in proper cases/bags.

Before any tour commences it is important to understand that all participants will be required to sign a Health Information & Risk Acknowledgment form agreeing to the conditions of participating in a tour with Prague Hiking Tours.



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